Saint Ambrose, Saint Monica and Saint Augustine

Updates: December 7, 2017

Ambrose Bishop of Milan, Italy “Father of the Modern (Governmental) Church System” consecrated on December 7, 374 A.D.

St Ambrose of Milan was a founder in the 3rd Church era the Church at Pergamos the legal governmental church era. St Monica the mother of St Augustine (baptized by Ambrose) was actually a member of the 2nd Church era Church of Smyrna – The martyred persecuted Church before joining with Ambrose in Milan.

When Augustine rejected Christianity in his youth it was the persecuted Church era Christianity of his mother Monica that he was rejecting. The early persecuted Church practiced what today we would call a Pentecostalism mixed with pagan practices.

In Milan the Bishop Ambrose rebuked the practices of (grave vigils – for those martyred) that Monica and her friends were practicing in Milan. Augustine was impressed that Ambrose rebuked the practice and again decided to consider Christianity.

Ambrose and many of his era had also rejected the Judeo/Christian model of the early Church and were looking to practice a Platonism/Christian model of Christianity.

Pope Leo I (400-461 AD) is loosely considered to be the first Pope of the 4th Church era the Church at Thyatira – The Roman Catholic Church.

Judeo/Christian would come back into practice in the 6th Church era with the Church at Philadelphia – The friendship (Evangelical) Church.

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